Garden Weasel®

Weasel® Your Way Out Of Yard Work™ with the famous Garden Weasel® and its fine family of products.

In 1976, the company acquired the exclusive sales rights in the United States for the Garden-Weasel®, a German garden tool. In the years 1979, 1980, and 1981, the Garden Weasel was the single hottest selling spring T.V. item of all the products sold through chain drug stores.

In the early 1990’s, the company continued to expand its lines with extensions on its older brand names and also added a number of imported and domestically produced products. These included the Garden-Claw™, Lawn-Claw™ and Weasel Edger.

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Watch TV commercials dating back to the glory years of 'late night' TV commercials of the 1970's, for Garden Weasel, Garden Claw, WeedPopper, and other products on our gardenweasel1975 YouTube Channel. This channel also has instructional videos for gardening projects and links to parodies, songs, blooper products, and other Garden Weasel folklore.

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